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Electric Motorcycle

for Kids



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This is new electric bike.

 "Yotsuba Moto Meow" is designed as a bike in between small kick bikes and engine bikes for kids.

For small kids who are too young to ride engine bikes or real racing electric bikes, can ride this bike very easily.

Can not ride bicycle ? Scared of engine sound ? 
Do not worry, you can ride and enjoy this electric bike !!


Light weight, small, easy and friendly electric bike.


Ride anywhere, dirt, up hill, gravel road, even puddles. Easy to stand fallen bike up. 


Riding bike from early age is not special ..... 

Welcome to

"motor"cycle world!


Meow 12

12 inch wheel size compact model.

 Almost the same size as kick / run bikes.

Can be ridden by kids whose height is from 85cm – 90cm. (33 – 35 inch)

Bike does not have sharp and rotating objects, like disc brake, chain and sprocket.

Unique 3 axis falling sensor and steering support equipments will help kid’s first ride. 

Frame colors available white and black.

12 blue
12 blue
12 blue

Meow 16

16 inch wheel size large model for riders whose height is more than 100cm. (39 inch)

Basic function is the same with Meow 12, but comes with lighter and stronger rear hub motor.

Larger wheel size is for better rough road riding ability.

This bike bridges 50cc engine bikes or real electric bikes for kids.

Frame colors available white and black.

16 red
16 red2
16 red3


Meow12 have 2 body colors, black and white.
Meow16 have only 1 color, black.

Red and blue decals with bike for start kit.

Other decals are available as options.

Choose favorite decals and work with parents, to build your own Meow bike.


More decal designs will be available in future, please look forward to seeing our new decal designs. 

black red
White red
black blue
white blue


black lite blue
White lite blue
black orange
White orange
black yellow
White yellow
black green
white green



Small and light weight design

This electric bike's weight is about 12.5kg. (27.5pounds)


This weight is only 1.5 heavier in weight than a kids bicycle and only 1/4 weight of 50cc kids bikes.  Its weight is around 2/3 the weight of kid riders. 

Heavy weight bike make kids feel scared or concerned. Light weight design provides secure feeling and confidence to ride. Easy to support bike and less injury when falling down. 

This bike does not need power, suspension, great looking outfits, but it is super light weight, compact and an easy handling design.  ​We developed a super light weight aluminum frame and Lithium-ion battery for this bike, as "first bike" for kids.

Motor stops automatically when falling down.

Power for electric motor will be cut when falling down by a 3-axis sensor.


This is a bike and can not avoid falling down, but stopping the motor will reduce accidents and prevent another person from getting caught in the rear wheel.  


After picking up the bike, kids have to  completely close the throttle for re-start, because of the electric program on this bike. The bike will not go out of control after bike is picked up.

Small grip

Electric throttle side grip diameter is

19.1 mm, special designed grip for kids small hands. 

Control levers are also thinner sizes than standard levers for easy to control with small hands.

This bike is "SLOW"

Sudden starts is an enemy for beginner kid riders.


Specially programmed speed controller provides smooth starts.  

You can select 3 different maximum speeds, from 6km/h : 3.7mph to 18km/h : 11mph with mo de selector switch. (Meow 16 can get maximum speed of up to 21km/h :13mph. )

It is difficult to achieve balance on the bike with slow speed, 6km/h : 3.7kmph speed is the same as fast waking speed of parents.


This speed make it easy for parents to follow the bike, great speed for kids to gain balance on the bike.  

Even kids who can not use hand brake, can stop by the kid's foot brake. 

Easy loading

Small and light weight design.


Easy to load bikes on your cars.

There are no gas and oil inside of the bike, you can lay down or place up it upside down when you load this bike. 

This bike can fit cargo space on SUV or small cars, you can bring this bike anywhere with your car.

Water resistance design

This is an off road bike so it can be rode  through puddles.
Of course you can wash bike with water.


※​Do not cross deep river, ride under water and wash       with high pressure washing machine. ​

Built in hub motor

This bike does not have chain and sprockets, it uses built in hub motor on the rear wheel.

This reduces pinching your finger or foot with the chain or sprockets.  Not only for safety, but the heavy motor is close to ground provide lower center of gravity, for kids to easily pick up this bike.  


Kids will have confidence to ride this bike even after falling down, if they can pick this bike up by themselves.

Steering support

This spring prevents falling down by sudden steering respose due to rough road and unusual steering control. 

This spring is jointed between frame and front forks, reduces quick steering responses. 

This primitive design will help beginner kid riders. 

Special lithium ion battery

Equipped 24V4.0Ah lithium ion battery.


When battery power is less than 1/3, indicator light will flash.


Kids can ride this bike 0.5 to 2 hours with a full charge.


Charging port is located under the frame, can be charged from power outlet in your house.


Takes 2.5 hours to fully charge battery.

名称未設定 1.jpg

Yotsubamoto Meow is competition type bikes. 
Do not ride on public roads. 
Ride and enjoy this bike at riding practice places or private propety with parents.



Yotsuba Moto a brand of Japanese motorcycle parts and accessories company, DIRTFREAK, started in fall, 2017.

DIRTFREAK Company was established in 1990, we have been supplying products for off road and motocross markets.

We launched our original motorcycle tools and accessories brands, ZETA, DRC and UNIT Products and export to worldwide distributors.

We are an exclusive distributor for Fox racing, Alpinestars (Off road), SRAM(MTB) and more, for Japanese off road motorcycle market.

We are also operating an off road track, “SRAM PARK SETO” in Seto city, Aichi, and supporting motocross, endure, trial riders.

We hope the development of 2 wheels off road motorsports.

“YOTSUBA” means four leaf clover in Japanese, and it is a symbol of happiness.